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    API Portland Limestone

    High quality natural limestone for architectural masonry, cladding and paving

    API Stone Ltd, in conjunction with Albion Stone plc, offers this high quality
    British limestone from the quarries on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, England. API Stone Ltd stock various sized slabs and can provide ashlar cladding, walling, flooring, paving and bespoke carving commissions.

    API Stone Ltd is the North UK stockist for all Portland stones including:

    • Jordan’s and Bowers Basebed.

    • Jordan’s, Bowers and New Fancy Beach Whitbeds.

    • Bowers Roach.

    The production facilities at Albion Stone plc are among the most technically advanced in the UK. This made them the obvious choice for API Stone Ltd to partner with for prestigious materials and projects.

    API Stone Ltd stock various sized slabs and transform them into ashlar cladding, walling, flooring, paving and bespoke carving commissions.

    Even though Portland limestone is a relatively new addition to the API Stone Ltd product range, we currently have a number of high profile projects under our belt:

    • St. Johns corner, Liverpool Limestreet.
    • Fitzroy Square, London.

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    API Portland Limestone Gallery

    Portland stone has been used in landmark architecture for centuries. The list of high quality references for this stone includes Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s cathedral.


    The manufacturing tolerance on the thickness and face dimensions of stones is set out in BS 8298 Part 1: 2000 section 7.2 and conforms to the European Standard BSEN 1469.

    Many stones will fall into the category of >50mm thick and length or width <600mm and will therefore be governed by a tolerance +- 2mm.

    API Stone Ltd will typically manufacture within this tolerance for the majority of production and allows for an installation tolerance of +- 1.5mm on a joint size of 5mm in most cases. Even the larger stones (>600mm) will be within the +- 3mm tolerance and in the majority of cases will allow for +- 1.5mm on the joints for site installation.

    On several projects the design team have required exceptional tolerances (eg +- 1mm). The only reliable way of delivering these tolerances is through checking a very large sample of the finished stones using electronic calipers.


    Geographical Type: Biomicrite Limestone

    Main Colour: White

    Colour Variations: With Shells and fossils

    Texture: Fine Grain

    Availability: Contract up to 100,000 m2

    Average Block Size: 2500L x 1500W x 1500H (mm)

    BS EN 1936 – Density 2175 Kg/m3
    BS EN 1936 – Porosity 18.81%
    BS EN 13755 – Water Absorption 6.86%
    BS EN 1926 – Compressive Strength 41 MPA
    BS EN 12372 – Flexural Strength 8.69 MPA
    BS EN 13364 – Breaking Load at Dowel (40mm thick stone) 1138N
    BS EN 1341 – Slip Resistance Dry 83
    BS EN 13161 – Freeze / Thaw after 48 Cycles 6.49 MPA