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    API Red St. Bees Sandstone

    High quality natural sandstone for architectural masonry, cladding and paving

    API Red St. Bees sandstone is quarried in Cumbria where it forms the sea cliffs of
    St. Bees Head near Whitehaven.

    This distinctive fine grained sandstone has been quarried since the 18th century and is a popular building stone in the UK and USA.

    API Red St. Bees has been used throughout the UK from the north of Scotland to the south of England. It is an extremely durable and versatile stone, making it ideal for large scale conservation and high specification projects.

    API Red St. Bees has been supplied on large residential and commercial properties throughout UK including projects at:

    • Eccles – 4 Tower blocks on the Ladywell Scheme.

    • Cheshire – Large private residence at Charcoal Woods, Charcoal Lane.

    • Worcestershire – Locks 35, 43 and 45 on the Canal Waterways.

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    API St. Bees Sandstone Gallery

    API Red St. Bees is extracted from an environmentally managed quarry and is available in high volumes. It is an ideal natural material for use by the construction industry or for smaller scale private projects.

    If red is the choice of colour then API Red St Bees sandstone is the stone to consider. API Stone Ltd have worked with most of the UK red or pink sandstones since our incorporation in 2008. We firmly believe that API Red St. Bees is the best red stone product on the market.

    Extensive reserves are readily available.



    Geographical Type: Sandstone

    Main Colour: Red

    Colour Variations: Black bedding lines visible

    Texture: Fine Grain

    Availability: Contract up to 10,000 m2

    Average Block Size: 2500L x 1000W x 1000H (mm)

    BS EN 1936 – Density  2337 Kg/M3
    BS EN 1936 – Porosity  12.36%
    BS EN 13755 – Water Absorption  3.32%
    BS EN 1926 – Compressive Strength  65 MPA
    BS EN 12372 – Flexural Strength  7.00 MPA
    BS EN 13364 – Breaking Load at Dowel (40mm thick stone)  2265N
    BS EN 1341 – Slip Resistance Dry  92
    BS EN 13161 – Freeze / Thaw after 48 Cycles