Ethical and Sustainability Policy

API Stone Ltd recognise that our daily operations have an impact on both the natural environment and social progress. We also understand that many customers share our concerns regarding this impact; to re-assure you of our commitment to minimising our potential effects, we have implemented the following Ethical and Sustainability policy:

Energy Conservation and Carbon Footprint
To minimise our energy consumption and carbon footprint during processing, API Stone use modern and energy efficient processing plants.
Although the production of natural stone inevitably leads to the generation of greenhouse gases, natural stone (even when imported) has a smaller carbon footprint than many ‘man-made’ building materials including general building cement and especially artificial stone.


Resource Conservation, Waste Reduction and Recycling
API Stone strive to conserve resources as efficiently as possible. In order to achieve this we minimise the waste and scrap stone generated during excavation and processing, reuse materials and ensure careful and responsible disposal of any waste produced as required by legislation.


Natural stone is an incredibly durable product with a long lifespan that can easily be re-used and recycled for centuries. In comparison to other materials, natural stone requires little maintenance and can be re-cycled over and over again for use in various different types of projects.


Employee Welfare & Working Conditions
In our daily activities we work hard to ensure the safety of our employees and are committed to trade only with suppliers who share our values on both employee welfare and working conditions.


Supplier Auditing
In order to ensure our suppliers comply with or exceed our values in regards to employee welfare, working conditions and minimising our environmental impact. We conduct regular visits to inspect supplier quarries, factories and offices, and keep a continuous conversation regarding our expectations.

CE Marking and Test Data

As of July 1st 2013, under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) it became mandatory for manufacturers to apply CE marking to their products.

The CE Mark represents that a construction product can legally be placed on the European Economic Area (EEA) Market and provides proof that the product is ‘fit for purpose’. According to the Construction Products Association regulation requirements and specifications included under the CE mark include:

• Mechanical resistance and stability

• Safety in case of fire

• Hygiene, health and environment

• Safety & accessibility in use

• Protection against noise

• Energy economy and heat retention

• Sustainable use of natural resources

All API Stone Ltd products comply with the CE mark legislation.