API Laguna is a Spanish white Limestone and competes with many of the limestones available in central and southern Europe and also the UK.

API Laguna has a base colour of white and has small amounts of shells and fossils within the make-up of the stone. Harder in surface than that of the sandstones means that it is more suitable for thin cladding due to its strength and rigidity. 

API Laguna is exclusively available to API Stone and has already proved a firm favourite and material of choice for some exclusive residential properties primarily in the Greater London area.

With a large percentage of the prestigious properties built in London being built in Limestone then our White limestone definitely fits the demographic of southern England more than in the north.

Residential projects of note are as follows


• Buildings 15 & 16, Woolwich Arsenal, London.
• 38 The Bishops Avenue, London.
• 42 The Bishops Avenue, London.
• Private Residence Virginia Waters

The stone is extracted near Alicante and then transported by road to the cutting facility in Quintanar de la Sierra in Northern Spain. The stone is then cut to size and transported to the UK for us to mason at our works in West Yorkshire.

API Stone Ltd added Laguna to its portfolio in 2012 due to always being asked to supply a white limestone. Laguna limestone is proving to be of commercial benefits compared to that of its Portuguese (Moleanos and Crema Mocha) and UK (Portland) counterparts and is more consistent in quality and colour than anything else that is available in Europe.

The material is suitable for all ashlar, cladding, architectural and landscape applications in various finishes from honed to bush hammered.

Extensive reserves are readily available and with blocks up to 3500mm long large pieces are easily cut in one piece.

API Laguna Gallery

Technical Details

Geographical Type: Biomicrite Limestone

Main Colour: White

Colour Variations: With Shells and fossils

Texture: Fine Grain

Availability: Contract up to 100,000 m2

Average Block Size: 2500L x 1500W x 1500H (mm)

BS EN 1936 – Density 2908 Kg/m3
BS EN 1936 – Porosity 15.5%
BS EN 13755 – Water Absorption 5.1%
BS EN 1926 – Compressive Strength 58 MPA
BS EN 12372 – Flexural Strength 8.7 MPA
BS EN 13364 – Breaking Load at Dowel (40mm thick stone) 1.150N
BS EN 1341 – Slip Resistance Dry 78
BS EN 13161 – Freeze / Thaw after 56 Cycles 7.3 MPA

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