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API Stone Ltd is a leading natural stone supplier in the UK. Established in 2008, the company was created to service the needs of an ever growing construction sector which demands both high quality and a flexible, personal service, specialising in the supply and cutting of sandstone and limestone.


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API Beige

Spanish Beige Sandstone

API Vein

Spanish Veined Sandstone

API Laguna

Spanish White Limestone

API Crema Sanza

Spanish Grey Limestone

API Portland

UK Limestone

API St Bees

UK Red Sandstone


Contact our support team for advice on stone type and anchoring options.

our company

API Stone is a leading natural stone supplier of Sandstone and limestone.

We offer a full service of supply, manufacturing and finishing of natural stone. We also offer project management and consultancy as well as complete design drafting tailored to your needs.


We can source, manufacture and finish the natural stone you need for your project, either one of the stone types on our product list or another we can tailor specific to your requirements.

API can be involved in the overseeing of your project in terms of the natural stone aspects of the design and delivery of whatever you need. Give us a call and let us know about your project aims.

In preparing for ordering your stone we can be involved in the earlier stages of choosing the correct stone type for you or your client, we can also go through your options for anchoring and design. We are happy to be available for you.

As well as having a robust existing client base within the national UK construction sector API Stone also has a strong portfolio of completed projects. Take the time to look around the site or ask us for specific examples related to your own project.

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